Intel Announces Forthcoming Chip Lineup 'Ice Lake' Built on 10nm+ Process

Intel Announces Forthcoming Chip Lineup 'Ice Lake' Built on 10nm+ Process

At the time, Intel promised a greater-than-15 percent performance boost over Kaby Lake as measured by the SysBench benchmark - roughly equivalent to the improvement offered by Kaby Lake itself to its own predecessor Skylake - though the company did not offer any further details or specifications.

Instead, Intel's new 15W Core i3, i5 and i7 CPUs arrive as a "Kaby Lake refresh", according to the firm, with Coffee Lake processors - which will take aim at workstation and enthusiast devices - set to launch later this year.

You can see the specs of the new 8xxxxU processors above.

Unthinkable? For the first time ever, Intel's low-power U-series chips are going to get 4-cores with, wait for it, hyper-threading. True 8th generation chips-"Coffee Lake"-won't arrive until next year". Bryant said that Intel wants to make this kind of tech accessible to everyone, starting with mobile processors designed for thin-and-light laptops.

The new range of chips from Intel will provide a massive leap forward in performance compared with the 450 million PCs that are now in use and that are more than five years old, Intel said. The smaller the size of the manufacturing process, the larger the number of transistors can be packed onto the same sized chip, resulting in more efficient processors.

Intel has revealed that four U-series 8th generation Intel Core mobile processors will launch on 21 August and hit the market in September.

The chips' integrated graphics are essentially the same as those found in the last generation, though the name has been changed from HD 620 to UHD 620 to reflect their suitability for 4K playback and video processing.

THe Street is underestimating Intel's "client computing group", the division that sells its PC chips, argues Wong: "We think that Intel could well continue to achieve CCG year/year growth in 2H17 and through 2018". They're in fact "Kaby Lake R", a refreshed version of the company's seventh generation "Kaby Lake" chips. And by mid-year, Intel was expanding the range yet again with new Xeon-like Core-X series chips that would offer up to 18 processor cores and "extreme" performance (and pricing). The 8 Gen family will also include some of Intel's first 10 nm products. Intel says they are shipping now, and that about 80 new PCs featuring these chips will be available over the holidays.