Eclipse Over The White House

Eclipse Over The White House

The commander-in-chief, deciding to challenge the sun itself, stared straight into the solar eclipse Monday afternoon without protective glasses - showing the entire nation exactly what not to do.

Trump, at one point, did look up at the eclipse without wearing the glasses, which could be extremely harmful to a person's eyesight.

According to Wall Street Journal reporter Ted Mann, one of the president's aides yelled "Don't look", in an attempt to protect Trump's vision. Trump did don eclipse glasses moments later and appears to be fine.

President Trump will watch Monday's solar eclipse with first lady Melania Trump from the Truman Balcony at the White House, an administration official said.

Like millions of other Americans, President Trump and his family got a peek at today's historic solar eclipse. Trump briefly looked up directly at the sun, something NASA strongly advises against because of its potential to cause damage to your eyes. Compared to the 14 states that will see a total eclipse, Washington will experience a partial eclipse.

The White House announced Saturday that the Trumps would not participate in the December 3 event in Washington, avoid "political distraction".

It will be the first solar eclipse in 99 years to cross from coast to coast. Monday's was the first total solar eclipse to pass over the majority of the continental USA since 1918.