Ford to introduce United Kingdom scrappage scheme aimed at improving air quality

Ford to introduce United Kingdom scrappage scheme aimed at improving air quality

Data from the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders shows that there are approximately 19.3 million pre-Euro 5 passenger cars on the United Kingdom roads today.

Andy Barratt, chairman and managing director of Ford of Britain, said: "Ford shares society's concerns over air quality".

The scheme will run from September 1 to December 31 2017 with scrapped vehicles having to be registered with the current owner for at least 90 days.

'Removing generations of the most polluting vehicles will have the most immediate positive effect on air quality, and this Ford scrappage scheme aims to do just that.

He said: " Ford is right that the very latest internal combustion engines are miles cleaner than their predecessors but without knowing where, when and how far the scrapped vehicles have been driven, it is impossible to calculate the scheme's positive impact on air quality in those very specific urban areas when the problem is at its worst.

Consumers will be given £2,000 off new Ford models ranging in price from around £12,000 to more than £20,000.

Each model available gets a £2,000 discount for scrapping your old vehicle, while Ford has added an additional saving on most models (except the Fiesta) to encourage drivers to take up the offer. This means most cars prior to 2010 will be eligible for the offer.

A national government-backed scrappage scheme for the most polluting road vehicles has always been called for by various politicians and green groups in a bid to help tackle the UK's chronic air pollution problem, and Defra's latest UK Air Quality Plan proposes to consult with the public over the feasibility of such a programme.

Although only Volkswagen was found to have cheated air pollution tests, other auto makers produced vehicles that could pass lab tests but be far more polluting when driven in the real world.

Edmund King, president of the AA, said: "These initiatives are obviously there to boost sales of new cars, but if they are going to take polluting diesel cars off the road, then that has to be a good thing".

Is the tide now turning?

However, these schemes will also boost new vehicle sales, which have been slipping in the United Kingdom for the past four months.

You must order your new vehicle and take delivery before the end of the year.

Unlike the other "trade-in" schemes, Ford's is a fully-fledged scrappage scheme - which means you only get the saving if you agree to having the old auto destroyed.

"It seems the motor industry is finally waking up to the damage dirty diesels are doing to our lungs as well as their own reputation", said ClientEarth lawyer Anna Heslop.

However the government's clean air strategy announced in July did not include a scrappage scheme, calling previous ones "poor value" for money.

Following the announcement of a number of new taxes and penalties for diesel drivers, sales data has revealed that used diesel vehicle values have fallen below used petrol auto values for the first time.