The Flash season 4: Katee Sackhoff joins the cast

The Flash season 4: Katee Sackhoff joins the cast

Katee Sackhoff is set to appear in Season 4 of CW's "The Flash".

The Arrowverse just got a little bit more unsafe, with the announcement that Katee Sackhoff is joining the cast of The Flash in a recurring capacity as DC villain Blacksmith. Amunet uses every means possible, including a long list of metahumans under her control, to make sure that her forbidden venture flourishes.

From that, we can deduce that she may be comparable to such Arrow villains as Danny Brickwell or Tobias Church, insofar that each of those guys proved to be rather formidable threats over the course of multi-episode arcs, yet didn't eclipse the actual big bad. While the parameters of her visit are now unknown, it should be noted that said episode will be titled "Girls Night Out" and will be the fifth to air this year.

And, now she's making her return to TV, starring in The Flash, opposite Grant Gustin in the title role. Before taking the elixir, Amunet changed its formulation, giving her the ability to merge metal with flesh as well as shape it to her will. Part of the show's lightning bolt logo can be seen near Sackhoff's pencil, while the beginning of "Berlanti Productions", one of the show's production companies, can be seen.

Sackhoff now stars as Vic Moretti on Netflix's "Longmire".

What do you think of Katee Sackhoff as a villain? Sackhoff will be seen next in Hasraf Dulull's sci-fi movie "Origin Unknown", which also stars Julie Cox and Ray Fearon.

If Sackhoff has indeed booked a guest starring role on the show, who do you think she could be playing?

The Arrow-verse has been very friendly to Battlestar Galactica alums.

The Flash season 4 episode 1 will air on The CW, in the U.S., on Tuesday the 10th of October.