Joe Paterno may have known of earlier Jerry Sandusky abuse

Joe Paterno may have known of earlier Jerry Sandusky abuse

According to a police report obtained by CNN, by the time whistleblower Mike McQueary told Paterno he'd seen Sandusky performing a lewd act on a child in the locker room, Paterno had already received a similar complaint. This version of events would seriously undermine a long-held belief among Paterno loyalists that the coach was mostly a peripheral figure in a series of university fuck-ups that allowed Sandusky to sexually assault at least 10 boys over the course of decades.

According to CNN, the one-page police report details McQueary's conversation with Paterno, who allegedly told then-graduate assistant McQueary that it was the second time he heard a complaint against Sandusky, though he did not elaborate.

More revelations from the Jerry Sandusky sexual abuse scandal have come to light and they do not look good for deceased former Penn State coach Joe Paterno.

What did Joe Paterno know and when did he know it?

Paterno said on multiple occasions that he had no idea of Sandusky's actions or any indications that he might be sexually abusing boys before 2001, and his family has argued that claim after his death, as noted in the CNN report.

Sandusky was convicted in 2012 of 45 counts of child sexual abuse. According to the victim, Paterno responded: "I don't want to hear any of that stuff", saying he had a football season to "worry about". The three university officials told Sandusky not to bring children onto campus anymore, and police were not notified. Paterno said in front of a Grand Jury that he "had no inkling that Sandusky was a sexual deviant". He died on January 22, 2012 from complications from lung cancer.

McQueary's statements were documented during the Pennsylvania state police's investigation into the Sandusky scandal back in 2011.

Paterno's family has accused McQueary of inconsistency in his retelling of what he saw in the locker room, though prosecutors have praised him for handling several trips to the witness stand matter-of-factly.

In a new report, Joe Paterno admitted that there had been a previous complaint against Jerry Sandusky (l.). As for Paterno, he passed away in 2012, shortly after being fired from Penn State as a result of his involvement (or lack thereof) in the matter.