Square Enix Announces Left Alive for PS4 and Windows

Square Enix Announces Left Alive for PS4 and Windows

Today at Sony's pre-Tokyo Game Show press conference, Square Enix revealed a brand new game titled Left Alive.

Former Metal Gear and Xenoblade Chronicles X mech designer Takayuki Yanase is also working on the game, which is produced by Final Fantasy producer Shinji Hasimoto.

Left Alive doesn't have any more information apart from this but it will be exclusive to the PS4 and releasing sometime in 2018 for Japan. For those unaware, Director, Toshifumi Nabeshima is heading up the project and as mentioned earlier, he previously headed the Armoured Core games for From Software.

The game will release for PC and PlayStation 4 and is scheduled to launch in 2018. It turns out, the artist responsible for the art for the Metal Gear Solid series, Yoji Shinkawa, is directing and doing character design for the title being called Left Alive.

Sadly, not many details were shared in the reveal trailer, but the game seems to feature mechs and a post-apocalyptic world.