Andrew Bogut also attracted interest from Celtics, Cavs, and Timberwolves

Andrew Bogut also attracted interest from Celtics, Cavs, and Timberwolves

If Bogut can remain healthy, though, one would imagine the Lakers have their 2017-18 National Basketball Association roster set.

According to Shams Charania of The Vertical, Andrew Bogut's next stop will be in Los Angeles as he signed with the Lakers for one season.

With Bogut now recovered from his injury, teams like the Minnesota Timberwolves, Boston Celtics and the Cavs again reached out to the free agent center. ESPN sources indicate that the deal is only partially guaranteed. Bogut, who nurtured a tough, competitive culture with the Australian Boomers, would be invaluable in imparting the same mindset to his new teammates. Since the Lakers have had some struggles in recent years, it is good to get veterans like Bogut to help their young players develop. Right out of the gate, it's also apparent that he's not as big of a game changer as Los Angeles might like, but for this one season, it's worth a shot.

Let's not forget about Bogut's knack, when it comes to screening.

The Lakers are in the middle of rebuilding their roster around this year's number two overall draft pick Lonzo Ball. Bogut, a former NBA champion and All-NBA selection, could not generate interest at the onset of free agency owing to his injury. The addition of Andrew Bogut came as a surprise to many, but he might have a sizeable role on the Lakers next season. These games are about to get intense, especially when it comes to the paint.