President Buhari reportedly signs proclamation which officially proscribes IPOB

President Buhari reportedly signs proclamation which officially proscribes IPOB

"The frontiers of good governance, democracy including holding free and fair elections, and enthronement of the rule of law are expanding everywhere, especially in Africa", he added.

"We must state here that our position that IPOB be proscribed, its activities be declared as acts of terror, and its leaders be accordingly treated in the interest of a greater, peaceful and united Nigeria has to a large extent been vindicated, which is also reassuring and encouraging", the group said.

He specifically praised the UN Security Council for humanitarian assistance and pledges in the Lake Chad Basin.

Noting, in particular, the "exemplary show of solidarity" by the worldwide community in confronting threats posed by the Boko Haram and Al Qaida terrorist groups in the Sahel and Lake Chad Basin region, he urged greater cooperation between the United Nations and regional organizations in conflict prevention and management.

Mr. Buhari also expressed concern over North Korea's nuclear weapons.

Faced with this scenario, Lajcak defined several priorities for the debates at the General Assembly and called to put the resolutions aimed at maintaining peace in the foreground. The theme for the 72nd session centers on "Placing the human being at the heart of efforts for peace and a decent life for all on a sustainable planet". Since the Cuban missile crisis of 1962, we have never come so close to the threat of nuclear war as we have now.

"Mr. President, Nigeria proposes a strong United Nations delegation to urgently engage the North Korean leader".

In his address, President Muhammadu sought the assistance of the United Nations in the fight against terrorism. All 193 Member States of the United Nations are represented in this unique forum to discuss and work together on a wide array of worldwide issues covered by the UN Charter, such as development, peace and security, global law, etc.

In conclusion, President Buhari reiterated his country's commitment to continue to support the United Nations in all its efforts, including the implementation of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.