Video captures Drake's friend Anthony Soares being gunned down at close range

Video captures Drake's friend Anthony Soares being gunned down at close range

Two unidentified men gunned down Anthony Soares in the lobby of a Toronto building in the early hours of Thursday morning.

If any more details surface about the murder or the suspects, who are still at large, we'll share it. He was rushed to hospital, where he underwent emergency surgery, but died.

In the video, Soares is shown attempting to buzz up to enter when two masked assailants run up with guns drawn shooting him from outside through the glass door. The suspects' getaway vehicle drives past the camera to the left; then, the suspects come briefly into view, running to the right past the camera again; finally, they run back to the auto, which has come to a stop a short distance from the front doors, and disappear from sight.

The second video released by police shows the getaway auto pulling up and speeding away after the attack.

Toronto police reported that the victim exited a vehicle and entered the residential building, where he was approached by two suspects armed with handguns.

Detective Sergeant Gary Giroux from Toronto Police Homicide told that the attack was "very focused". In this hard time, our condolences go out to all members of the OVO Sound team and to Soares' family and friends.

The suspects, who were wearing hooded tops with their faces covered, flee in the waiting getaway vehicle - a four-door, white Ford Fusion - as the victim lies on the ground. The suspects continue to fire at the deceased while on the floor. "It was an honor to have shared years together and I will always keep your memory alive", he wrote.

Detective Seargeant Giroux did say that the police have one potential lead: the friend who dropped Soares off at the high rise just moments before Soares was killed. 7-7387 or Detective Steve Henkel at 416-808-7400 ext.