McCain, Murkowski Will Likely Decide Fate of Graham-Cassidy

McCain, Murkowski Will Likely Decide Fate of Graham-Cassidy

"I would like to vote for Graham-Cassidy because I like block grants and it appears to be good for Tennessee", Alexander says.

Cassidy aroused ire because of what happened in May: Kimmel tearfully told his audience his son was born with a congenital heart disease and had undergone open heart surgery that may not have been covered by insurance before Obamacare was enacted. Not only would it encourage states that have that have refused to expand Medicaid to further cut programs, it likely also would result in a massive transfer of federal health care dollars from predominantly blue coastal states to rural Republican states.

Sens. Bob Corker and Lamar Alexander both said this morning they plan to support the proposal, which is expected to have a score from the Congressional Budget Office early next week. "We think the American people need this".

The TV presenter Jimmy Kimmel has said a U.S. senator "lied to his face" about a proposed healthcare bill that guarantees medical coverage for families. Hailed as the Graham-Cassidy Bill, it's the last chance on the table to overhaul healthcare in the United States. "I hope Republican Senators will vote for Graham-Cassidy and fulfill their promise to Repeal & Replace ObamaCare".

Senate Republicans must pass a bill by the end of the fiscal year, September 30, if they are going to pass a bill purely along party lines, without support from Democrats, Vox reported. And this new bill actually does pass the Jimmy Kimmel test, but a different Jimmy Kimmel test. "I will support any solution - no matter which side of the aisle it comes from - that helps us reach this outcome".

The Graham-Cassidy bill to replace Obamacare suffered two very public blows Tuesday night.

Once again, Jimmy Kimmel is slamming Republican lawmakers over healthcare. "You're welcome to stop by the studio and take it". Amelia Chasse, a spokeswoman for Hogan, said the governor did not sign on to the letter, because he chose to put out his own statement opposing the bill. "They're taking care of the people who give them money, like insurance companies, and we're all just looking at our Instagram accounts, liking things, while they're voting on whether people can afford to keep their children alive or not". "Two weeks ago, I'd have said zero [chance it'll pass], but now I'm anxious".