How to download on iPhone, iPads

How to download on iPhone, iPads

iOS 11 was first announced at this year's WWDC and has been in the hands of those on Apple's beta programme for some months now.

Apple described the update as the "biggest software release ever" for the iPad and a "major update" for the iPhone.

Lastly, Apple TV owners can expect some minor improvements as well, such as automatic dark mode based on local time, Home screen syncing for keeping different Apple TVs across the house synced, AirPods support, AirPlay 2 and more.

But the easiest way around this annoying issue is to simply plug in your iPhone to a Mac or PC running iTunes and install it this way. Apple's latest update requires over 2GB of free space on your phone, which on a 16GB device is quite a lot. If you have a supported iOS device, you should be seeing the iOS 11 update option within the next few hours.

Control Center: The Control Center that can be accessed with a swipe up from bottom has returned to its original single window layout. The iOS 11 is no exception.

Prior to iOS 11 the "official" way to record video footage from the screen of an iOS device was to connect it to a computer and use QuickTime or some other screen recorder to capture the video. You will even not be able to restore your backup files of the iOS 11 on iOS 10 which means, all the data and everything which is now available on the iOS 11 device, will be completely wiped away. There are also smaller changes across the operating system.

With iOS 11 you are given another reason to never carry cash. Then turn back to your Apple Watch and it'll prompt you with the update where you can press proceed, but then you'll need to enter your passcode again.

It has been a long time in the making, but we are glad to share with you the news that iOS 11 officially released this week. Once you've selected the device, you'll see the option to click Summary - Check for Update - Download - Update.

What are some unique features of iOS 11?

So before you install iOS 11, you need to check that all your favourite apps are still going to work. If you have health and activity data that you want to save, you'll want to encrypt your backup.