Emirates flight affected by New Zealand fuel crisis

Emirates flight affected by New Zealand fuel crisis

Air New Zealand added about 9,000 passengers would be affected on Wednesday alone, with a third having their flights canceled.

New Zealand's main airport has lost 70 percent of its jet fuel supplies since a digger ruptured the main pipeline that carries fuel to the facility, forcing many air carriers to refuel at other airports in the Pacific region.

Immigration New Zealand will issue free electronic visas to people whose visas are expiring because of cancelled flights during the jet fuel crisis.

Energy MInister Judith Collins says Immigration New Zealand is providing advice to clients whose New Zealand visas are at risk of expiring due to cancellations or postponements.

Our organisation: While Auckland Council conducts much of its business locally, we have followed the lead of government departments and other agencies to ask our own staff to consider their air travel plans over the next fortnight very carefully.

The body is to focus on resolving the country's fuel shortage crisis as quickly as possible, a crisis triggered by a burst pipeline to Auckland.

Auckland Airport chief executive Adrian Littlewood said there had been about 110 cancellations in all.

That's in addition to assistance from the Defence Force in delivering fuel around the country and a call for civil servants to delay non-essential flights.

"Work should have been done to make sure we were more resilient than this", she told reporters.

While jet fuel has been rationed, the incident has yet to have a major impact on Auckland's supply of vehicle fuel. "This is being worked out as quickly as possibly to get more fuel trucks moving".

The navy ship HMNZS Endeavour will set sail for Marsden Point at 11am tomorrow.

The Defence Force is also offering the fuel industry the use of trucks and drivers and is now finalising logistics, the Minister said.

Airport chief executive Adrian Littlewood said approximately twenty-seven domestic and global flights were cancelled over the weekend, while those that did depart were forced to make technical refuelling stops en route to their final destinations.

On Sept. 20, the airport said on its travel alert website page that the projected duration of the shortage is unknown at this time.