New health-care plan stumbles under opposition from governors

New health-care plan stumbles under opposition from governors

"The counter argument will be pre-existing conditions will be up to the pricing of the particular state and market".

It would also allow states to forgo some of the key mandates of Obamacare, like caps on premiums paid by people with chronic illnesses.

FILE - In this March 8, 2015, file photo, Jimmy Kimmel arrives at the 32nd Annual Paleyfest: "Scandal" held at The Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles.

"He agreed to that", Kimmel said.

Several Republican governors have criticised how rushed the process is and on Tuesday called on lawmakers to abandon this bill in favour of a slower, cross-party approach.

Jimmy Kimmel used Tuesday's taping of his ABC late-night show to rain fire upon the Graham-Cassidy bill. Lindsey Graham leaned on a fellow senator to back his GOP health care bill despite "all its imperfections". Cassidy-Graham is, instead, a cynical bait and switch strategy. "We haven't had it for very long and it's hard to do without the assistance of the Congressional Budget Office". Jeff Flake today to tell them to vote no on Cassidy-Graham.

Kimmel said Cassidy should join a bipartisan group of senators working on a health care overhaul.

Addressing Cassidy directly, Kimmel said, "Stop using my name, all right, 'cause I don't want my name on it".

The "Jimmy Kimmel Live" host has become one of the most prominent celebrities to publicly advocate preserving Obamacare's insurance protections - so much so that Republicans themselves have aspired to meet "the Jimmy Kimmel test".

In May, late-night host Jimmy Kimmel delivered an emotional monologue as he revealed that his newborn son, Billy, was born with a heart defect that required immediate surgery.

"And these guys are counting on you to be overwhelmed with all the information, you just trust them to take care of you", said Kimmel.

Cassidy's spokesman didn't immediately return a request for comment Wednesday from The Associated Press.

Sen. Rand Paul R-Ky., has already said he is against the proposal and Trump jabbed him in a post as a "negative force" when it comes to "fixing healthcare".

Despite it bearing his namesake, Kimmel says the new healthcare bill passes a different test.