County health department to offer flu shots October 2

County health department to offer flu shots October 2

Victorian Health Minister Jill Hennessy has spoken today urging people not to dismiss flu symptoms as "simply a cold" or "man flu". Children's flu shots will be provided at the Aroostook Pediatrics office and adult ones will be provided just down the hall at the Family Practice & Internal Medicine practice.

'She always puts a smile on people's faces with her handsome personality, ' one friend wrote on social media. It has put so much pressure on public hospitals that governments are paying private hospitals to treat the overflow.

Flu cases are mostly seen in the winter months, but the reason physicians are recommending the shot now is because it takes a few weeks for the immunity to kick in. And what might the implications be for the UK? Flu is more likely to cause severe illness in pregnant women than in women who are not pregnant. Thankfully, this happens only occasionally. In Wisconsin, flu season hit hard last year especially in residents 65 years and older.

Studies from previous seasons show that the vaccination usually provides significant levels of protection when well-matched to the circulating strain of influenza. Confirmed cases of the flu have already occurred in Lyon County.

'What we are seeing in Australia at the moment could easily transmit to the United Kingdom because of the ease of global travel and tourism, ' he adds.

Last year's version was 48 percent effective, which is not as good as other years at 60 to 80 percent. But it appears to have performed poorly in Australia, possibly because the virus has mutated. "You can not get the flu from the flu vaccine", she said.

Experts won't know just how effective the vaccine was until the end of this month, when World Health Organization experts meet in Melbourne.

When should I get the vaccine?

About 2,000 Americans age 18 and older participated in the annual online survey. Flu vaccine effectiveness can vary widely from year to year since scientists essentially have to try and predict which strains will be most prevalent, but is generally found to reduce flu illness risk by 40% to 60%. Public Health Nurse Tanya French said no high-dose vaccine is available. If you wait, you risk not being protected when the flu arrives in November.

"Some of my patients previously didn't get the flu shot, but then had a bad case of influenza". But there is some benefit'.

The more people who get vaccinated, the lower the risk of catching influenza.

Scientists have been looking at other ways to boost people's immune response to the flu virus.