The growing Equifax breach

The growing Equifax breach

British people's data is anticipated to be accessed "potentially" during the data breach that happened at Equifax, the United States credit rating company. It said the criminals accessed Equifax's systems through a consumer website application meant to be used by USA consumers.

Bloomberg, citing three unnamed "people familiar with the situation" on Monday reported Equifax was hacked nearly five months before the incident it disclosed on September 7.

As per the information on the breach reveled by the company, hackers have got at the internal systems of Equifax during the period from mid-May to late-July, 2017.

Are you sure your personal information (social security number, name, birth date, etc.) is safe, given the recent Equifax hack?

For Canadians whose credit card details have been compromised in this incident, Equifax says it has reached out to MasterCard and Visa, which will then communicate with the financial institution behind those accounts. In addition to the concerns about the breach itself, they said they were also questioning the company's service terms for consumers affected by the breach, fees, confusing messages to consumers on its website and inadequate call center resources.

It said it originally thought that the incident was limited to U.S. customers.

The company said affected consumers will be offered free credit monitoring and identity theft protection for 12 months.

To safeguard your personal information, you will want to place a freeze on your credit.

He says the first step should be for all of us to go which is the only government approved free site to use.

"Through this interface, the criminal actors obtained access to files containing personal information of certain Canadian customers", reads another excerpt.

It is also recommended that you closely monitor your bank and credit card statements and report any unfamiliar charge, even if it is a small amount. A fraud alert warns creditors that you may be an identity theft victim, so they should verify that anyone seeking credit in your name really is you.