Bose unveils QC35 II wireless headphones with Google Assistant

Bose unveils QC35 II wireless headphones with Google Assistant

Even Google is expected to be working on its own pair of Assistant-optimized headphones.

Though we imagine many headphone manufacturers are rushing to integrate Google Assistant with their products, Bose has beaten them all to the punch. But the Assistant has slightly different capabilities in every place it appears, so it may be that you can't do everything with these headphones that you can do with, say, a Google Home. So if you're listening to your favorite song and you get a text, your Assistant can read it to you, no extra steps. It enables users to listen to music, news, and more while they're on the move. You can also keep up with news while you take walk, jump in a cab or go for a run. You can choose from a variety of news sources, like CNBC, CNN, NPR and others.

Part of the brand's fitness headphone range, they use proprietary StayHear+ Sport tips for a firm fit, and are water resistant to IPX4 rating. No stopping or dialing, just talking.

Google Assistant will only be available on the Bose QuietComfort 35 II in the United States, Australia, Canada, France, Germany, and the United Kingdom initially.

After numerous leaks, Bose has officially unveiled the new Quietcomfort 35 II (QC35 II) noise-cancelling headphones.

A new Action Button can be found on the left ear cup, and it's this you'll need to press and hold to active Assistant.

Another minor update on the QC35 II is the ability to set noise cancellation level to high, low, or turn it off completely. In markets that don't yet have the Google Assistant, the action button will be assigned to noise cancellation settings by default.

The right earcup still has the same volume controls and Siri access as the first pair of QC 35s and they're available now in the same black and silver colours for £330.