ALL The Best New Features For Your iPhone and iPad

ALL The Best New Features For Your iPhone and iPad

Uber's oft-criticized location tracking has been reined in with the arrival iOS 11, with Apple forcing app-makers to give more granular controls over privacy to users. Come iOS 11, however, and those policies have changed. In iOS 11, the Control Center is on a single screen and shows clusters of controls. Now on iOS 11, double pressing the Touch ID button will bring up the app switcher.

You don't need the new iPhone 8 or iPhone X to take advantage of all the bells and whistles included with Apple's mobile operating system. This issue was found by security researcher Andrea Barisani who also mentioned that it is good practice to turn off both the WiFi and Bluetooth if you are anxious about potential attacks and saving battery. Users carry out the simple task usually to preserve the device's battery.

Your device will immediately disconnect from any non-Apple Wi-Fi and Bluetooth accessories. Settings tap on Wi-Fi and turn of Wi-Fi completely.

In the real world we would call that a software bug, but in Apple's "lets peddle borked products anyway" reality distortion field it really is a feature and Jobs' Mob intended it.

You can still turn on Wi-Fi and Bluetooth in iOS 11's Control Center, but you just can't turn them fully off from there. If you want Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, you can have them both. This allows an Apple device to remain available for features like AirDrop, AirPlay, Apple Pencil, Apple Watch, and other services.

This change is sure to frustrate users, especially those who don't know about the change and can't understand why their Bluetooth or Wi-Fi has magically re-enabled itself the next morning or after a walk or drive. Uploading data to iCloud secures the basics like contacts, settings, and messages, but storage can be costly and it won't save things like app preferences. Just send it over to Control Center.

As is the case with most software updates, there are several new features and tools that only eagle-eyed users may have noticed.