I was told I may have miscarried: Kardashian

I was told I may have miscarried: Kardashian

She remembers: "They told me that it was dead, I cried, I experienced so many different emotions that day".

The "Keeping Up With The Kardashians" star was devastated when she was told by doctors that they couldn't hear a heartbeat when she was pregnant with her eldest daughter, now 4.

Kendall Jenner adds that Kim Kardashian texted her to say Lamar had died, revealing that she read the message straight after landing on a flight from Hong Kong to London. "And I immediately started sobbing on the plane", the 21-year-old model, who has recently been walking in Fashion Week shows, said.

'It had said Lamar passed away, ' Kendall said. [Tristan] came to the dinner because I didn't want to go on a blind date, so Brandon kind of ambushed the blind date.

"Someone had made a fake account and emailed me with the wrong information", Kim explained to Ryan. "To think and to go through the motions as if someone has passed away, is the most traumatic thing to do".

"The big problem is that she and Kanye don't communicate about parenting, it just happens organically and that means Kim gets dumped with most of the day-to-day responsibility".

Lamar was rushed to hospital after being found unconscious in a brothel in Nevada in October 2015, and spent four days in a coma but thankfully survived.

Almost two years on from the incident that briefly suspended their divorce proceedings, Khloe Kardashian has revealed that she was initially told that Lamar Odom had died after collapsing in a Las Vegas brothel.

Since the judgement had not been entered into the system, Khloe called off the proceedings so she could help make Lamar's medical decisions as his legal spouse.