Showtime To Adapt Bill Clinton's Novel The President Is Missing

Showtime To Adapt Bill Clinton's Novel The President Is Missing

(In 2003 Jimmy Carter wrote "The Hornet's Nest", a novel set in the Revolutionary War.) A spokeswoman for Showtime said that the deal came together with assistance from CBS's chief executive, Leslie Moonves.

Showtime announced the deal today, ahead of the book's publication next June.

That last sentence strikes us as the setup line for potential one-liners from the Clinton bashers - please bring your "A" material to the comments section ...

Photo Former President Bill Clinton, left, and author James Patterson are co-writing a novel that will become a Showtime series. Additionally, Patterson is in the CBS family. "Bringing The President is Missing to Showtime is a coup of the highest order", Nevins said via press release.

The 42 president of the United States, Clinton has written bestselling non-fiction books including My Life, Back to Work: Why We Need Smart Government for a Strong Economy, Between Hope and History, Giving: How Each of Us Can Change the World, and Putting People First: How We Can All Change America.

Honestly, whether it's good, bad or plain mediocre, depicting the American presidency onscreen brings about a certain brand of drama that many enjoy tapping into. In the book, President Clinton and Patterson tell the startling story of the disappearance of a sitting USA president, with the level of detail that only someone who has held the office can know, generating a powerful, one-of-a-kind thriller.

"The President Is Missing" is similar in genre to some of Showtime's more successful shows, such as the spy thriller "Homeland", the dark Hollywood drama "Ray Donovan" and "Billions", which is about the clash between money and politics in New York City.

The book makes Clinton the first former president to write or co-write a thriller.

Patterson, who has sold more than 380 million books worldwide during his decades-long career, said Clinton's involvement in the novel provides "rich storytelling opportunities for this series".