Hurricane Maria moving past the Bahamas

Hurricane Maria moving past the Bahamas

Major Hurricane Maria continues to pull away from the Greater Antilles; directly impacting the Turks and Caicos with risky winds, storm surge.

Tens of thousands of Puerto Ricans stunned by a hurricane that crushed concrete balconies and paralyzed the island with landslides, flooding and downed trees vowed to slowly rebuild amid an economic crisis as rescue crews fanned out across the US territory.

Other Caribbean islands assess damage The storm completely knocked out Puerto Rico's power grid, leaving the country's 3.5 million residents without electricity, and more than 95 percent of wireless cell sites are down.

Now the storm continues its movement north in the Caribbean. "On the forecast track, Maria's eye will gradually move near or just east of the Turks and Caicos Islands and southeastern Bahamas today", the report stated.

There was a tropical storm warning for the Dominican Republic from from Puerto Plata west to the northern border with Haiti and from Cabo Engano west to Andres/Boca Chica.

It is also expected to bring storm surges of up to 12 feet to the southeastern Bahamas as well as the Turks and Caicos Islands.

The large eye of Hurricane Maria is gradually approaching the Turks and Caicos islands with wind speeds up to 125 miles per hour. "We're going to need all of the helicopter help we can get, because we need to ferry the supplies to people", Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit said Thursday.

Like many Puerto Ricans, Llanos does not have a generator or gas stove.

US President Donald Trump said the storm had "totally obliterated" the US territory, and pledged to visit Puerto Rico.

The commandant of U.S. Coast Guard made this statement about their work to find people. It had sent a distress call Wednesday saying it was disabled and adrift in seas with 20-foot (6-meter) waves and 100 miles per hour (160 kph) winds near Vieques, Puerto Rico.

The names of those on the vessel were not released.