Mexico Earthquake Near Oaxaca Spreads Alarm, Sends People Panicking Into Streets

Mexico Earthquake Near Oaxaca Spreads Alarm, Sends People Panicking Into Streets

The tremors hit Mexico days after a powerful quake of magnitude 7.1 on Richter scale killed more than 2oo people in the country.

A 5.8-magnitude natural disaster struck the south of Mexico on Saturday, where officials were working to assess the scale of the damage, the Mexican seismic alert system reported.

A strong 6.2-magnitude quake shook Mexico on Saturday, causing panic in traumatized Mexico City, where rescuers trying to free people trapped from this week's earlier natural disaster had to suspend work.

Already shaken by the two recent earthquakes that have killed at least 380 people in Mexico this month, thousands of people ran out onto the streets again in Oaxaca and Mexico City, some in pyjamas when the new tremor shortly before 8:00am (local time).

Buildings swayed and a seismic alarm was set off on Saturday in the capital, Mexico City, where rescuers have been trying to reach people who remain buried in rubble from Thursday's quake.

Alejandra Castellanos was on the second floor of a hotel in a central neighborhood and ran down the stairs and outside with her husband.

"It feels lifeless", said Mariana Aguilar, 27, a hostess at a bar and restaurant who stood waiting for guests yet to arrive.

"I was scared, I was shaking", Carillo said.

It's not immediately clear if the new quake caused any damage or injuries.

More than half the dead - 157 - perished in the capital, while another 73 died in the state of Morelos, 45 in Puebla, 13 in Mexico State, six in Guerrero and one in Oaxaca.

On Friday morning, after hours of inactivity blamed on rain, rescuers were preparing to re-enter the site, joined by teams from Japan and Israel.

It's the moments between those bits of information that torment the families. "We are with you and will be there for you".