The Duchess Of Cambridge Could Have Her Baby Earlier Than We Thought!

The Duchess Of Cambridge Could Have Her Baby Earlier Than We Thought!

Prince William usually keeps mum when it comes to sharing his opinion.

His mother Princess Diana famously tread in a minefield, now the Duke of Cambridge has stepped into the controversy surrounding the question over whether drugs should be legalized in Britain - an intervention applauded by health experts and campaigners.

While the Duke's comments attracted controversy, it also drew comments from both sides of the debate.

"It's been an interesting week", Prince William admitted at the time. There's obviously a lot of pressure growing on areas about legalizing drugs.

"Talking to you and being here, it feels like a question I had to ask, I appreciate your honesty".

William's brother Prince Harry was sent to a drugs rehabilitation clinic in 2002 after he admitted drinking alcohol when under age and smoking cannabis.

"You seem like the key people to actually get a very good idea as to what the big dangers here are", he added.

Rhys Pritchard, the manager at Restoration Station, presented Prince William with the gifts for all three of his children, with the helpful advice "One for each, because we don't want any arguments".

The Home Office published its long-awaited drug strategy report in July, 2017, that included a point blank refusal to consider decriminalization, or any reforms to the Misuse of Drugs Act.

The Duke of Cambridge has been trying to work again.

After all, in their announcement the Palace stated that Kate had to miss some of her royal engagements because she was suffering from hyperemesis gravidarum (HG), a severe type of morning sickness that can cause severe nausea, vomiting, weight loss, and even a hospital stay. The official Twitter feed of Kensington Palace revealed yesterday that the duchess will be out and about to attend a reception on October 10, World Mental Health Day. The royals will host World Mental Health Day, which is bring attention to mental health in the workplace.

The Royal Society for Public Health and the UK Faculty of Public Health outlined their views in a joint report, Taking A New Line on Drugs. The royal trio frequently attends events to advocate for better care for those affected by mental illness.

Now, it's very possible that William was just making a joke, inferring that time will fly by between now and Kate's due date.