Saudi recalls textbook over Star Wars character with king image

Saudi recalls textbook over Star Wars character with king image

The government also formed a legal committee to attempt to find the source of the problem and respond with "appropriate action". A 26-year-old artist by the name of Abdullah-Al-Sehri has confirmed that he created the image, but played no part in its existence in the textbooks. "All the pictures were very sad, you know, refugees and war", the artist recalled.

But things changed when he found a photo of Egyptian President Anwar Sadat - who was assassinated in 1981 - meeting Mickey Mouse during a trip to Disneyland shortly before he was murdered.

In what has to rank as one of the most weird education-related snafus of all time, some Saudi students could be forgiven for thinking one legendary Force-wielder got involved in their worldwide affairs.

Students in Saudi Arabia opened up their textbooks this week to discover that the force was with late King Faisal while he signed the UN Charter in 1945. 'Something fun, something that makes it less depressing'.

Like the king, he said, the Jedi master was known for his intelligence. And he had the additional benefit of being the same colour as the Saudi flag.

As The New York Times detailed, Shaweesh inserted iconic American pop cultural characters into scenes throughout history, including seating the diminutive Jedi master alongside King Faisal.

Wherever you live in the world, we can nearly guarantee that your school textbooks will be complete with horrific stock-photos, or grainy photographs of major historical events...but not in Saudi Arabia. He had no idea of its inclusion in the textbook until his mother, a teacher, asked him about it.

He said he included Yoda in the photo of King Faisal - who was then serving as his father Ibn Saud's foreign envoy - because they were both "wise, strong and always calm".

"I meant no offense to the king at all", he said.