McDermott part of trade to Knicks

NY and Oklahoma City agreed to the deal over the weekend, with Anthony going to the Thunder in exchange for Enes Kanter, Doug McDermott and the Chicago Bulls' 2018 second-round pick. Anthony was also reportedly considering the Portland Trail Blazers as a possible destination, but ultimately ended up with the Thunder. The trade comes after he relinquished his no-trade clause deal-something that he only agreed to do for the Thunder, Cleveland Cavaliers, and Houston Rockets-and a trade bonus that was worth $8.1 million.

He will be with his new team when they open training camp on Tuesday. Both George and Anthony can become free agents next year, and Oklahoma City isn't considered a prime free-agent destination, particularly for two players with interest in large markets. Although this goodbye is just temporary, this is the hardest goodbye for me to say.

Both the Knicks and Anthony had hoped to complete a trade prior to National Basketball Association media day on Monday to avoid potential distractions surrounding ongoing trade talks involving Anthony, per sources.

Whether or not the re-tooled Thunder - or anyone else, for that matter - can seriously challenge the defending champion Warriors this season remains to be seen.

"This feels like a championship team", he told USA TODAY's Sam Amick on Sunday.

"New York equipped me to make it in any other place in the world". "I wipe the tears off my cheek and smile at the same time because I know we will meet again someday". 'Melo is more motivated than ever. You put us three together, who all have something to prove still, [and] we're going to be a special team.

George spent his first seven years on the Indiana Pacers who struggled to surround the All-Star forward with talent. The extension offer would keep him on the team for an extra five years. "I want to leave what happened, I want to leave it in the past", he said Monday when asked if he was still angry with the organization. But with his no-trade clause, Anthony would be able to choose where he would go. It's pretty impressive that Oklahoma has now three superstars, and gave this state a legitimate chance to win a championship.