U.S. police arrest armed man near White House

U.S. police arrest armed man near White House

The Secret Service says it arrested someone near the White House on Sunday for possessing firearms.

The man, identified as 37-year-old Timothy Joseph Bates from the southern USA state of Tennessee, is facing charges that include illegal possession of firearms, illegal transportation of firearms and other gun offenses, the police said.

Secret Service agents approached the suspect outside an art gallery off 17th street and Pennsylvania Avenue, in Washington DC, according to an incident report obtained by CNN. The man was initially stopped by law enforcement for allegedly urinating in public.

In his auto, officers found nine guns, three knives, brass knuckles, ammunition and more.

A search of the man's auto, which carried Tennessee license plates, turned up multiple weapons - including nine firearms.

Navy Adm. Michael Rogers is director of the National Security Agency; Mattis is the secretary of defense.

According to reports, Bates was charged with carry a risky weapon, unlawful transport, possession of a prohibited weapons, carrying without a license, possession of an unregistered weapon and possession of unregistered ammunition. The firearms included multiple handguns as well as AR- and AK-style rifles. "The individual was arrested for possession of several firearms", the statement said.

He was sent for mental observation before being transported to a police station for processing, the police report said.