Suspended Florida Gators facing multiple third-degree felonies charges

Suspended Florida Gators facing multiple third-degree felonies charges

Nine players face a combined 62 felony complaints on suspicion of using stolen credits to rack up more than $17,000 in fraudulent charges, according to documents released Monday.

Sworn affidavits were filed Monday against the Florida Gators presently suspended for the team for alleged fraud. The other players facing charges similar to Callaway and Scarlett include defensive lineman Keivonnis Davis and Richerd Desir-Jones, linebackers James Houstin IV and Ventrell Miller, and wide receiver Rick Wells.

The two charges recommended against them are: 1) fraud/obtaining property for under $20,000, and 2) possession and use of another person's credit card without consent. The process could take "several weeks at a minimum", State Attorney Bill Cervone said. The Gators suspended seven of the players on August 13 and the other two on August 30, just before the season opener against MI.

"Know this, I really care about those guys".

He said up to seven of the players - those accused of using stolen credit card information to complete just a single transaction - could qualify for a diversion program that would expunge charges from their records. "We're going to do right by them". "I can tell you that [credit card fraud] happens in a lot of different ways". "Obviously we sit down as a staff, as an administration, obviously the university first".

However, players with prior records - Callaway of note - may not be offered PTD by the state attorney, which would severely limit Florida's ability to reinstate them this season ... or possibly at all.

University of Florida policy bans students from participating in school activities while facing felony charges.

All nine players were being investigated for misuse of university-issued funds provided to players as part of their scholarship agreements. Nearly all of them took place at the bookstore, where the players are accused of using the funds to buy electronics.