View from Away: Don't forget Puerto Rico

View from Away: Don't forget Puerto Rico

In a press conference with NY governor Andrew Cuomo today, the actress and artist announced that she will be donating $1 million of her own money-specifically, from profits of her Las Vegas residency shows-towards relief efforts.

Lopez, who has family in Puerto Rico, revealed that she still has family members she has not been able to reach.

Lopez demonstrated her allegiance to her Puerto Rican roots by making a big announcement on Sunday regarding the hurricane-ravaged island. But it is important that the destruction and pain being experienced by our compatriots in Puerto Rico not be ignored or overlooked.

"We are working day and night to identify the needs", Lopez said.

Governor Andrew Cuomo says the federal government needs to step up its efforts and do it fast. He said he's comforted knowing soldiers are also helping in Puerto Rico.

Jennifer Dooren, acting deputy director of operations for the Food and Drug Administration, said the agency coordinated with drug companies before Hurricane Maria "to evaluate the [storm's] potential".

"The devastation (in Puerto Rico) is beyond belief", Lopez said in an Instagram post.

At least 10 people have died in Puerto Rico due to Maria, the strongest storm to hit the US territory since 1928.

Pelosi's comments came after House Speaker Paul Ryan, R-Wis., promised that Washington will make sure that the people of hurricane-devastated Puerto Rico will "have what they need".

During the video, she shared that she has yet to hear from her family in Puerto Rico and that others are waiting as well.

Cuomo said Friday's trip will be the first of many, as the island rebuilds and recovers. When Maria hit the island as a category 4 storm on September 20, its powerful winds stripped trees of leaves and bark, decimated rows of fields, and blew away plants (paywall).

The picture coming out of Puerto Rico is grim in the wake of Maria: Streets flooded and towns left without fresh water, fuel or phone service, or electricity.