Gregg County vets angry over National Football League protests

Gregg County vets angry over National Football League protests

In week three of the NFL, players from all 32 teams protested during the national anthem in some way, and reactions from fans varied across the country. "The right to protest, but I think this is being perverted in a wrong direction", Rothra says.

They who have fought in defense of freedom and the constitution are calling protests during the anthem a slap in their face.

One Pittsburgh native who lives in Las Vegas said she's has been waving her Terrible Towel for as long as she can remember.

"I support it 100 percent", said Larry Foster.

The National Anthem means many different things to many different people. "Making millions of dollars when we've got brothers and sisters just getting by, living in tents", says Marine Corps reservist, Lance Cooper. But this week said she's taking all of her Steelers jerseys, blankets and memorabilia and giving them away.

"Whether you agree with everything American has done or not it's the hope that the flag represents, the hope that this nation will be the best nation on the face of this earth", said Pushie. Others raised their fists and whole teams stood with locked arms. "This is your flag, this is your country, these men and woman they fought and died for you", says Smith.

Pushie says he understands the message the athletes are trying to send, but saluting the flag is a time to bring Americans together.

"We live in the United States of America, we still have the First Amendment and people are free to express their opinions", Story said.

Veterans in Gregg County are angry over the protests.

None of these vets watch much football anymore - the protesting is too much of a turn off, so that's how they keep the TV.