Watch Miley Cyrus Do "Carpool Karaoke" with James Corden

Watch Miley Cyrus Do

After a week on The Tonight Show, Miley Cyrus ventured to Los Angeles to help James Corden avoid traffic with "Carpool Karaoke" on Tuesday's Late Late Show.

In between belting out classic Miley hits like like "The Climb" and "Party in the U.S.", she and Corden chat about her bad driving, and how high she was while filming the video for "Wrecking Ball".

"The most recent was a pretty good one", Miley said of the accident. She busted out all the classics and some new ones.

"That's how insane I am".

However, her attempt to distance herself from the crash failed as the accident shattered her window and meant she had to get a rental auto. Cyrus kept her secret all day until spilling in private to co-hosts Blake Shelton and Adam Levine... only Cyrus forgot she was already mic'd up for the episode.

"I can't smoke before I go on stage, I get too scared", she said.

"I think it set some paranoia into me and then it started going into my real life when I wasn't stoned", she told Stern.

Corden also asked Miley on a scale of one to ten just how high she was during the music video shoot which turned out to be a solid ten. "I should make it something that can change people's lives, rather than be a controversial conversation that does nothing but become a fun Halloween costume for people".

We all know Miley for a few things; her incredible vocals, her breakout role in "Hannah Montana", and her iconic tongue, so James couldn't help but put her to use by helping him lick his stamps.