Foldable ZTE Axon M is official with dual touchscreens

Foldable ZTE Axon M is official with dual touchscreens

Simply fold the device in Mirror mode and place it on a table for easy viewing from two separate sides.

The Axon M is a whopping 12.1mm thick.

The standout feature of the newly announced smartphone is its overall look encompassing two 5.2-inch LCD screens connected with a hinge in a setup that allows the user to fold out the ZTE Axon M by 180 degrees and come as close to connecting the two panels as the hinge itself allows them to. Still, ZTE's partner AT&T remains adamant that the Axon M is the ideal portable device to pair with its DIRECTV NOW streaming service and even if it isn't, being able to turn a 5.2-inch screen into a 6.75-inch one with a bit of space down the middle should still prove to be useful while reading and writing using the phone's Extended mode.

The device ships with Android 7.1 Nougat, and Android's split-screen capabilities let it do some interesting things with the two screens.

Dual Mode: Provides unlimited potential in app combinations so consumers can do more, all at once. "Extended mode" merges the screen into a single, giant display.

Traditional Mode: Gives you a great everyday smartphone that's easy to use and hold in one hand.

The SoC is a 2.15GHz Snapdragon 821, which was Qualcomm's best chip of 2016.

Cameras: Rear 20 megapixel f/1.8 aperture camera. It also boasts dual speakers and a 3.5mm headset jack.

There's only one camera, but this is a dual-screened phone, and when it's closed, there's a screen on both sides.

AT&T will be exclusively selling the ZTE Axon M in the USA next month, and the device will eventually be available in China, Europe, and Japan. If you want a "front" camera, point the camera at you and use the camera below the screen. You can also keep the second screen folded back so the phone can be used like normal.

This is not the first foldable smartphone we've seen, and it certainly won't be the last. AT&T has exclusive carrier rights to sell the phone in the United States and will offer the phone for $24.17 a month for 30 months-or $725-through its equipment installment plan. The foldable smartphone has a familiar but redefined design and is expected to change the way we use our phones.