National Football League notebook: Goodell says no changes will be made to anthem policy

National Football League notebook: Goodell says no changes will be made to anthem policy

In a September 24 editorial titled "The Day the Real Patriots Took a Knee", the newspaper chastised President Donald Trump for suggesting that NFL owners should fire players who kneeled in protest during the playing of the national anthem. National Football League commissioner Roger Goodell after the meetings said that the players really care about those issues affecting. The NFL stopped short of meeting Trump's desire that players be forced to stop protesting.

Scott, who is not a caucus member, said he understands the players' view but believes that "every man, woman and child should stand for the flag".

Goodell said the meeting convened Tuesday to "promote equality and effectuate positive change", focusing on "discussion about the national anthem".

"It is an important moment in our game", Goodell's memo said.

I think there should be a federal law prohibiting display of the Confederate flag.

"It wasn't necessary", he said. Miami Dolphins' owner Stephen Ross said, "We heard what they had to say and they heard us".

Finding out that NFL owners are not forcing players to stand during the national anthem is a big win for the players and an even greater win for the First Amendment.

"Implying that players give up their right to free speech when they put on a uniform may well strike a responsive chord among many in Mr. Trump's base", the editorial said, before going on to zing "Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, who said players should keep their mouths shut in the workplace".

That "some" includes President Donald Trump, who responded to the NFL's decision with a spiteful tweet, calling their decision "Total disrespect for our great country!"

"Everyone feels strongly about our country and have pride", he said, adding the National Football League is "not afraid of tough conversations".

"What we're trying to do is stay out of politics", Goodell said. Many players and even some owners participated in demonstrations, some in unity with Kaepernick's cause, some in protest of Kaepernick's unemployed status, and some in opposition to Trump. "It reflected our commitment to work together with our players on the issues of social justice". Then they return home with the whole team taking a knee before the anthem saying it is in prayer.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell held a press conference to address a specific issue and, despite devoting a lot of time to doing so, managed to not address it at all. Since Trump's comments, a record number of players have protested in an attempt to bring attention to police brutality and racial injustice, as well as throwing shade at the president in the process. You have got to be kidding me.

"The NFL has decided that it will not force players to stand for the playing of our national anthem". When he talks about working with the players to do some good, he's slightly more animated. Unlike Trump, professional football players have to earn their spot on the field; a Super Bowl ring cannot be passed down by parents in the same way that, say, a real estate empire can. Owners on Wednesday awarded the 2018 draft next April 26-28 to Dallas.

The NFL is in full swing with the Major League Baseball playoffs creating some intrigue and now all the excitement of the National Basketball Association season adds to an action packed time in sports.