Canalys: Apple, Inc. Sold 3.9 Million Apple Watches Last Quarter

Canalys: Apple, Inc. Sold 3.9 Million Apple Watches Last Quarter

Smartphone makers Huawei and Samsung also make their own series of smartwatches, some of which are created to rival the Apple Watch, but have had to contend with 6% and 5% share, respectively. "Strong demand for the LTE-enabled Apple Watch Series 3 has dispelled service providers' doubts about the cellular smartwatch not appealing to customers", Low noted in a report on third quarter shipments.

The drop in the prices of the previous generation watches following the launch of the Watch Series 3, also helped Apple to push watch sales.

The new device, Apple's first that connects to the internet without being tethered to a smartphone, took the USA mobile giant to 3.9 million shipments in the recent Q3 2017, according to new data from Canalys. Xiaomi and Fitbit trailed Apple with 3.6 and 3.5 million units, mostly consisting of fitness bands. This meant overall wearable market shipments declined 2% to 17.3 million units, in what is traditionally a slow quarter as consumer hold off on purchases until the Christmas period.

Incidentally, this is the very same quarter where Google, which makes the Android Wear smartwatch platform to rival the Apple Watch, has been completely silent on the future of its smart watches.

At its earnings call, Apple said the Apple Watch grew 50% year-over-year in sales but continued its silence on revealing exact numbers for its wearables. Sales would have been even stronger if retailers had not underestimated demand. (NASDAQ:AAPL) is again back at the top of the list of global wearable band market.

With an augmented reality (AR) headset in the works that would inevitably be considered a wearable as well, it could be just a matter of time before Apple officially breaks out wearables into a distinct reportable product segment. Apple is on the list - but there are nine others you may be overlooking.

After a short disruption by Xiaomi, Apple Inc.

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