A Mediocre May Jobs Report

March's numbers dropped from 79,000 to 50,000, and April's from 211,000 to 174,000. May's projected increase would be in line with this year's 185,000 average monthly job growth . 24/7 Wall St. reviewed data released on June 2 in the Bureau of Labor Statistics monthly report , " Employment Situation Summary ". A rise in overall unemployment in the first quarter of the year, StatsSA said, is a pattern observed annually, usually following a reduction in unemployment in the final three ...

Climate action continues despite U.S. withdrawal

European leaders have said the Paris accord can not be renegotiated. U.S. President Donald Trump announced last week the U.S. would pull out of the Paris Climate Agreement. The president announced Thursday from the Rose Garden of the White House that his decision is a "reassertion of America's sovereignty" and called the agreement unfair to USA workers, the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette reported.

Adani gives

Adani gives "green light" to Carmichael coal mine

The company said the project would generate 10,000 direct and indirect jobs, with pre-construction works starting in the September quarter of 2017. This is because the development proposes exporting coal to India from a massive open-cut and underground coal mine 160 kilometers (100 miles) northwest of Clermont in central Queensland, home to the reef , via a 189-kilometre rail link to port.

How the penalty rate cuts will impact you

How the penalty rate cuts will impact you

The penalty rates decision will anger Australia's union movement, which has invested heavily in a massive campaign to safeguard weekend penalty rates across the country. Russell Zimmerman, the executive director of the Australian Retailers Association, has criticised the decision too, but for the opposite reason. Sunday pay for full-time hospitality workers will be cut to 150% from 175%.

Phil Stair blames poor black people for Flint's water crisis

Phil Stair blames poor black people for Flint's water crisis

He was driving to a restaurant with Lyons and another individual, who he'd met that night, when he made the comments, which were recorded and later obtained by TATM. While the population of Flint is predominantly black and Latino, white officials in other districts outside of the city were often the ones making the flippant and destructive decisions that ultimately destroyed the pipes and ruined the water.