Are you on Twitter? US journo asks Modi, worlds 2nd most

Modi, who has about 30.3 million followers on social media site Twitter instantly knew who she was. Another person, questioned Kelly to look at her profile first before asking the question comparison. She shook hands with them. It's great to be with you, Matt and Savannah '. Days after Priyanka Chopra was trolled for wearing a not-so-sankari dress while meeting Prime Minister Narendra Modi , Megyn Kelly had to face the trolls.

Aussies Are Freaking Out Because Pippa Middleton Wore a Dress in Winter

Pippa is the younger sister of Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge, while James is a billionaire hedge fund manager and former professional racing vehicle driver whose parents own a number of properties including the luxury resort Eden Rock, St Baths, on the French Caribbean island of Saint Barthelemy.

JR Smith claims Cavaliers would beat the 1996 Bulls

James was serious. His coach, Tyronn Lue , seemed to speak with just a hint of sarcasm when he said the Warriors are "the best I ever seen ". His boy Steph Curry advised him not to "get into that trap". Lue thinks the majority are unforced, which is why he says they will not change their lineups for Game 2. The Warriors , who had not played in nine days, were rusty at the outset, missing shots close to the basket and looking anxious when they had possession.

Silicon Valley Speaks Out Against US Leaving Paris Accords

He said it would cost the U.S. $3tn in lost GDP and 6.5 million jobs - while rival economies like China and India were treated more favourably. On Friday morning, Kellyanne Conway , counselor to Trump, wouldn't give a straightforward answer when asked about the president's stance on climate change during an appearance on Good Morning America .

'Wonder Woman' becomes box-office force with $100.5M debut

It's time for the nigh-inevitable question: How does this compare to Wonder Woman's predecessors in the DC Extended Universe? In addition to the historic $100.5 million that Warner Bros. It's made $386.6 million internationally, driving the Disney sequel to more than $500 million globally. The conversation surrounding critics' impact on the summer box office swirled after " Baywatch " received an aggregate score of 19%, and proceeded to flop over the slowest Memorial Day weekend in almost ...

Sea lion pulls girl from pier in Richmond, British Columbia

Sea lion pulls girl from pier in Richmond, British Columbia

Bob Beziuk, a general manager of the harbor, told PEOPLE that sea lions will engage with visitors if they are fed - but they're still risky wild animals. He added any parents with small children should not let them near sea lions, seals or other wild animals. " They were pretty shaken up ", he said. " If you feed the animals like this, you're asking for trouble ", he said.