Sorry, Michael Jackson fans: Paris Jackson doesn't want to be a musician

She was Rolling Stone's February 2017 cover star , she hit a style home run at the Grammys, and now she's one of CR Fashion Book's latest cover stars . Now, I know that it may be a bit disappointing to hear that music isn't Paris' main focus at the moment, but there may still be some hope. On future a potential career in music..."I write music for myself".

Game Of Thrones star reveals huge season 7 spoiler

The Independent noted that Nymeria was last seen on the way to King's Landing after she defended both the butcher's son and Arya from Prince Joffrey. Arya, sensing Joffrey would retaliate, chased Nymeria away in a heartbreaking scene in which she threw rocks at her beloved pet in an effort to get her far enough away so Joffrey couldn't have the direwolf killed.

Are Paris Hilton, Chris Zylka dating?

This should have been the end of her fashion nightmare, but Paris suffered another wardrobe malfunction when the heel of her shoe got caught in her dress. She also took home the Fragrance of the Year award! Shortly thereafter, Paris posted another pic as she was still reveling in her victory. After an outfit change ahead of hitting the Hollywood Beauty Awards , Hilton cozied up to Zylka again, writing, "Live".

Presumed dead, Karnataka teen wakes up during funeral

Presumed dead, Karnataka teen wakes up during funeral

He was rushed to nearby hospital on Gokul Road as soon as possible where doctors examined him again and said he is suffering from severe infections. According to the Indiatimes, Kumar Marewad was receiving treatment in a hospital after he was bitten by a stray dog a month ago.