Trump's immigration outrage poses challenge for Cruz in Texas

Trump's immigration outrage poses challenge for Cruz in Texas

DELEGATE COUNT Cruz's lead over Trump in Texas has, however, shown signs of decline, according to polls aggregated by Huffington Post since the two launched their campaigns in June. "He's getting tens of thousands of volunteers. It's just a question of if his message, which is, "Another politician, all talk, no action" - if that's what the people want".

Clinton and Trump Ahead Before Super Tuesday in Latest Poll

Ted Cruz (R-Texas) came to San Antonio Monday between visits to Dallas and Houston . Haley endorsed Rubio prior to South Carolina's Republican primary . Trump also said he had clearly made separation with Duke over the weekend in posts on Twitter and Facebook . Hillary Clinton could find herself in a similarly dominant position for the Democrats .

Buffett says distracted driving is a growing problem

Investing sage Warren Buffett has delivered his annual letter to Berkshire Hathaway shareholders; those fortunate holders of the $US200,000 stock. He suggests the country weave more safety nets to help displaced workers. The billionaire has defended Berkshire's working relationship with 3G Capital Partners LP in his annual letter to shareholders.

OH native awarded the Medal of Honor

Byers, 36, is just the sixth SEAL in history to receive the award for exceptional valor in combat, one of only three to earn it since the beginning of the war on terror, and the only one of them to survive the action for which he was recognized.

When Leonardo DiCaprio finally won an Oscar and broke the internet

Jeremy Lin isn't pleased with Chris Rock's Academy Awards skit involving three Asian children who were supposed to be representative of PricewaterhouseCoopers, the financial firm that tracks Oscar voting. Leaving the audience roaring with laughter, he joked: "Jada got mad , she said she's not coming". Isn't she on a TV show? "I mean Whoopi Goldberg was actually at the Oscars and was a presenter, so there was a sense that Hollywood was kind of tweaking itself in a way".