Armed group kills UN peacekeeper in Central African Republic

Armed group kills UN peacekeeper in Central African Republic

Preliminary information reported that displaced civilians sought refuge at a mosque, a Catholic church and a hospital. At this time it is hard to ascertain the humanitarian situation in Bangassou. He said the worldwide community will be “relentless” in apprehending the perpetrators of these crimes and all their commanders, including some instigators who may be sponsoring these attacks from Bangui.

Bacteria appears to be behind mysterious outbreak in Liberia

Bacteria appears to be behind mysterious outbreak in Liberia

US health officials say a contagious bacterial infection appears to be the cause of at least some cases in a mysterious outbreak in Liberia in West Africa. It's spread through kissing, living with or having other close contact with an infected person. The event began on 23 April 2017 when an 11-year-old child was admitted to hospital presenting with diarrhoea, vomiting and mental confusion after attending a funeral on 22 April 2017.

Donald Trump in middle of a growing scandal

Sources with knowledge of the situation emphasized that they do not believe Comey would have spoken about the Russian Federation probe with Trump under any circumstances. Fuller, who served in the FBI for 30 years, says he doesn't doubt that Trump would have asked, but there are also long-standing White House policies in place that limit contact with the Justice Department on active investigations.

Four dead in OH nursing home shooting

Authorities say a gunman shot Kirkersville Police Chief Steven Eric Disario, who'd only been on the job for about three weeks. He is a father of six with another child on the way, Thorp said. They had no new information to release on the deaths in the village of some 500 residents. "I called and I called and I called and it was like I had no voice, so now that we have a police officer dead and these other innocent people dead, maybe someone will listen", said Long.

DR Congo: Ebola outbreak confirmed

We always take this very seriously."This latest Ebola outbreak is Congo's eighth, the most of any country". That outbreak, which took 49 lives, was unrelated to the West African outbreak of Ebola that happened concurrently. But in the meantime, Gavi has an agreement with Merck that requires the company to stockpile large supplies of the vaccine in case it is needed to contain an outbreak.

Labour faces 'historic' task to win power, Corbyn admits

Tories were celebrating historic gains across the country, picking up more than 450 councillors and gaining control of 10 authorities as they made deep inroads into parts of Scotland and Wales which had been no-go areas for a generation. The Liberal Democrats were having a mixed election, failing to breakthrough against the Tories in the south-west England battleground. Much of the Conservative Party success has been attributed to the UKIP vote switching en masse to the Tories as the anti-EU ...