WWE Announces Massive New UK Show

After Thursday's press conference in London, WWE uploaded a short video of McGuinness talking about his new role with WWE and what to expect from the UK Champion Tournament. Anarchy in UK Where is the WWE UK Championship Tournament, how do I buy tickets and when is it? If successful, it will join 205 Live and NXT as weekly, Network-exclusive wrestling show.

Stats SA: CPI rose to 6.6% in November

The consumer price index rose at a slower pace of 0.6 percent year-over-year in November, following a 0.9 percent climb in October, which was the highest inflation rate in thirteen months. The Bank of England expects prices to keep rising in the coming months, as last year's steep drop in the oil price falls out of the headline rate and the impact of the decline in the pound continues to feed through to consumer costs.

Fresh details, charges emerge in Pizzagate DC shooter's case

After reading a false story circulating online that the Comet Ping Pong restaurant in Northwest DC was harboring child sex slaves - a conspiracy theory that came to be known as "Pizzagate" - 28-year-old Welch allegedly traveled to the nation's capital armed with an assault rifle, a.38 caliber revolver, a loaded shotgun, and multiple rounds of ammunition in order to "investigate" these reports on his own and "rescue" the children, according to court documents.

NASA launches rocket containing 8 small satellites from plane

The goal of the Cyclone Global Navigation Satellite System, or CYGNSS, is to improve hurricane intensity forecasts - a task that is more hard and less accurate than forecasting the path a storm will take. The Orbital mission had twice been delayed, with the hydraulic pump causing a scrub Monday and then a software issue on Wednesday. A fix was uploaded.

Trump sign flashed at minority ball players prompts apology

Trump sign flashed at minority ball players prompts apology

Center School District public relations director Kelly Wachel said she had spoken to the basketball players and they told her that they were unaware of it during the game. Warrensburg's school district is predominately white with 80 per cent Caucasian students. A Missouri school district superintendent apologized Tuesday after a group of high school students taunted an opposing team in a way that some found racially motivated.

Jurors convict Dylann Roof on all counts in church slayings

Jurors convict Dylann Roof on all counts in church slayings

A handwritten list of locations Roof considered before choosing to attack parishioners at Emanuel AME Church in Charleston. . In one of the less offensive passages, Roof wrote: "How could our faces, skin colour and body structure be so different, but our brains exactly the same?" While prosecutors will outline the aggravating factors that they believe warrant a death sentence, it is unclear what Roof will do in his own defense.