Sun-like star gobbled its planets in new freakish planetary system

Sun-like star gobbled its planets in new freakish planetary system

The unusual and abnormal composition of this newly discovered death star has indicated about the existence of some other such unknown planet in the planetary system. Analysis of the solar twin's composition suggested that HIP68468 had munched up some of the worlds that rotated it as had been evidenced by the heavy amount of lithium in the star's surface.

'SNL': Shirtless Vladimir Putin Comes Down The Chimney To Visit Donald Trump

Both FBI Director James B. Comey and Director of National Intelligence James R. Clapper Jr. sided with a CIA assessment that Russian Federation meddled in the close race, officials said Friday. "It could have been some fat guy on a couch somewhere", Jost mused. Notorious Trump-baiter and my own personal hero, Alec Baldwin, suggested that SNL's Donald Trump skits aren't ending anytime soon when he tweeted a tease that looked an very bad lot like he was preparing to take on the role again.

Unique Marine Animals Were Discovered In Indian Ocean

Unique Marine Animals Were Discovered In Indian Ocean

These undersea hot springs are situated at approximately 1.7 miles under the surface of the ocean and at about 1,200 miles southeast of Madagascar. Towering up to two storys above the ocean floor, these spires offer attractive housing for local sea life, including some never seen anywhere else.

Galileo, Europe's rival to GPS satnav system, starts service

The view of the Commission is that as a civil-controlled service it is also of great strategic importance for Europe, which [now] relies on two military-run services - Global Positioning System and Russia's GLONASS. There is one atomic clock in each satellite that is accurate to one second in three million years. Galileo should be fully operational by 2020, providing time and positioning data of unprecedented accuracy.

Six hibernating turtles believed dead in Woodland Park Zoo fire

Officials believe, per the Seattle Times, that the Woodland Park Zoo's fire actually originated in the attic of the zoo's former "Night Exhibit" for nocturnal animals. Allianic says officials were evacuating reptiles in an adjacent building due to the smoke. "They waded into pools to rescue turtles and crocodiles", the post says.

Google Gboard for Android now available

Google Search is also integrated into the keyboard, although you will need to turn on the feature inside the keyboard settings. Further, the keyboard learns as you type so you will get suggestions of every word that you have typed at least once.