Italy police: Mafia clan skimmed millions from migrant funds

Raffaele Cantone, Italy's anti-graft chief, said the mafia infiltration at Isola di Capo Rizzuto "is unfortunately, I believe, just the tip of the iceberg, and certainly not a one-off case". Investigators said the Arena clan of the Calabrian 'ndrangheta mob had secured a lock on servicing the Isola di Capo Rizzuto migrant center near Crotone for the past decade.

North Korea tested missile capable of reaching US

But Kim's most recent aggressive overtures suggest that he does not reciprocate Trump's warm affections. North Korean leader Kim Jong-un on Sunday celebrated a test of the "perfect weapon system" after the nation launched what it claimed as a new kind of intermediate-range ballistic missile system which can carry "a large-size heavy nuclear warhead".

WannaCrypt was inevitable, quit hoarding — Microsoft to spooks

WannaCrypt was inevitable, quit hoarding — Microsoft to spooks

The attack mostly impacted computers in Europe and Asia and for the most part spared North America. WannaCry is still quite active at the time of writing, but the infection rate has slowed somewhat. The Japan Computer Emergency Response Team Coordination Center, a nonprofit providing support for computer attacks, said 2,000 computers at 600 locations in Japan were reported affected so far.

Korean, Japanese defense chiefs vow unity on N. Korea

France and Britain on Monday both publicly supported tougher sanctions. Moon is widely expected to seek engagement with North Korea to improve long-strained ties, but Pyongyang's nuclear and missile programs are limiting his leeway for reconciliatory policies.

Veteran journalist Javier Valdez killed in Mexico's Sinaloa

Riodoce reported that Valdez was driving about a block from its offices when he was intercepted by gunmen. Valdez worked for the national daily newspaper La Jornada and the local weekly Riodoce . "Being a journalist is like being on a black list", Valdez said at a launch of his last book about drug gangs. Hootson described Valdez as a warm, friendly man, well-liked by other journalists who frequently sought his help to navigate and understand the complex, risky state.