US Navy says destroyer collided at 2:20 am

Shipping data in Thomson Reuters Eikon shows the merchant ship chartered by Japan's Nippon Yusen KK, made a complete U-turn between 12:58 a.m. and 2:46 a.m. 7th Fleet social media. The U.S. Coast Guard will perform another so-called "marine casualty investigation" into the conduct of the Crystal and her crew.

By the time you get to Phoenix, it could be 120 degrees

By the time you get to Phoenix, it could be 120 degrees

American Airlines flights from Phoenix to cities including Boston, Chicago, and Denver use aircrafts that can operate at higher temperatures and will be unaffected by the cancellations, the Phoenix New Times reported . In Las Vegas, temperatures are forecast to be 110 degrees or hotter this week. The canceled flights are part of the airline's regional flight system, and are operated by other carriers that use Bombardier aircraft, which are not permitted to fly when temperatures ...

Otto Warmbier has 'severe neurological injury' after detainment in North Korea

Otto Frederick Warmbier , a University of Virginia student, who was detained in North Korea for alleged hostile acts against the state, returned to the USA earlier this week in a coma . Warmbier said recently, they made a decision to go public with their situation and shortly thereafter, Otto was home. The Swedes, who represent USA interests in North Korea , managed to visit him in March 2016, a few weeks before he was sentenced to 15 years hard labor.

Baseball shooter had list of 6 names

Baseball shooter had list of 6 names

Hodgkinson bought the guns in April, after Trump was elected, Slater said. But, according to Slater's statement , it does not appear Hodgkinson had been planning his attack. Hodgkinson then remained at the baseball field. Minutes later, Hodgkinson shot in the vicinity of the field where congressional members and staffers were standing.

Court releases dash cam video of Castile shooting

The video shows Yanez pulling Castile over and approaching the auto and talking to the driver. At about 9:05 p.m., Yanez approaches the driver's side and tells Castile he has a broken brake light. Here's a quick rundown of what's shown - and not shown - in the video. During the trial, Yanez told the court that he feared for his life. Officer Yanez has said that Mr.

ACLU: Carter conviction violates free speech protections

Roy and that Miss Carter is a youthful offender", Moniz said . She can not leave the state of MA and can not use Facebook or Snapchat and is prohibited from texting. Matthew Segal , the ACLU's legal director for MA, called Roy's suicide tragic but said, "It is not a reason to stretch the boundaries of our criminal laws or abandon the protections of our constitution".