EVM row: All eyes on crucial 'EC all-party' meet today

A beleaguered Election Commission, which is facing a volley of questions and allegations over EVMs, will meet representatives of 48 recognised political parties to clear the air on the issue on Friday. Kejriwal has repeatedly claimed that the AAP's poll debacles have something to do with tampering of EVMs. Asked why they thought EVMs could be rigged, the protesters, many of whom carried replicas of EVM machines, mostly cited Bhardwaj's live demonstration in the assembly.

McMaster: Trump's conversations with Russians 'wholly appropriate'

McMaster: Trump's conversations with Russians 'wholly appropriate'

The White House was already reeling from its botched handling of Trump's decision last week to fire James Comey, the FBI director who was overseeing the Russian Federation investigation. "Two other senior officials who were present, including the secretary of the state, remember the meeting the same way and have said so". The potential consequences could hardly be more serious, former Central Intelligence Agency case officer Bob Baer told CNN's Erin Burnett Monday night.

Corbyn sets out radical manifesto for United Kingdom polls

Corbyn promised a Labour government would immediately guarantee the rights of European Union citizens in Britain and reject the threat of walking away from Brexit talks. Mr Tennant said there was "absolutely no way" the party would withdraw, pointing out that Ukip came a "strong second" in the 2015 General Election and the party has since won seats in council elections.

Trump revealed highly classified info to Russia

Trump revealed highly classified info to Russia

The other risk comes from the media coverage itself and the facts that are being dug out about where the information came from, "possibly a Middle Eastern country, that is also putting the source at risk", said Morell. Ben Sasse called on Trump to remember that Russian Federation is not an American ally. "I was going to fire regardless of recommendation", Trump said during the NBC interview.

Russia-backed Syria deal enters into effect

Russia's chef representative at peace talks in Kazakhstan sponsored by those countries, Aleksandr Lavrentyev, spoke in the Kazakh capital, Astana, on May 5, a day after the memorandum was signed. "The commitments made should not affect the rights of Syrians to seek and enjoy asylum", he added - an apparent reference to concerns that one of the aims of plans for safe zones is to discourage refugees.

Doors always open for India to join Belt and Road: China

The daily said if India sees itself as a big power, it should get accustomed to the many divergences with China, and try to manage these divergences with China. Wang Shouwen said. "I think these initiatives by China have already made a clear response to the Indian side", Hua said. "This is why the initiative is so closely linked to the United Nations program of action aimed at achieving stable development and lasting peace", Guterres said in an interview with CGTN channel.