Top Republican senator invokes Watergate scandal after Comey memo emerges

Trump made the surprise move of firing Comey, head of an investigation into Trump and his campaign's alleged ties with Russian Federation, early last week. To be impeached and removed from office, the House and Senate must find that the official committed one of these acts. And they deny the president making the request of Comey about Flynn during a meeting in February.

Trump says he will 'reaffirm our unbreakable alliance' in Israel

Since Israel's founding, the US has maintained that "no state has sovereignty over the city of Jerusalem" and that it's a "final status" issue that must be resolved through Israeli-Palestinian negotiation, the official said. "He's arriving as Israel prepares to celebrate Israel's victory and a reunited Jerusalem following the Six-Day War". That distinction between Jerusalem and Israel reflects the US position that the city's fate is an issue for Israelis and Palestinians to work out through ...

New Zealand optimistic of reviving TPP trade deal

New Zealand optimistic of reviving TPP trade deal

Japan's involvement makes TPP11 worthwhile, and New Zealand will now lead talks in the coming days to try and finish off the deal. Both leaders were agreed that if they were to implement it to a reasonable timetable, they would have to do so with the current text, which was negotiated when the United States was a party to the deal.

Israel urges U.S. to transfer embassy to Jerusalem

It was the latest sign of the Israeli right's growing disenchantment with Trump after having rejoiced in his election. Just days before President Donald Trump's first visit to Israel, the U.S. The argument over the Western Wall is not the only complication to come up while planning Trump's trip to Israel. Separately, Israeli officials have reacted angrily to reports in local media that representatives of the American consulate had suggested the Western Wall did not belong to Israel.

Chinese fighter flies inverted over US Air Force jet

The US crew aboard the US Air Force WC-135 characterized the move as " unprofessional ", according to the statement from Air Force Lt. Col. Hodge. They called the actions by the Chinese jets " unprofessional ". The US crew said they were acting in full accordance with global law. CNN reported earlier that the jets came within 150 feet of a U.S. Air Force plane flying over the Yellow Sea, with one of the fighters flying upside down directly over the American plane.