Trump meeting with Arab leaders ahead of major speech

Ross, Priebus, Bannon, and Trump adviser and son-in-law Jared Kushner also were there. Tillerson also said the new arms deals signed between Riyadh and Washington aim to help Saudi Arabia deal "with malign Iranian influence". They were treated to arrival ceremonies at the airport and Royal Court palace. Hours after landing in Saudi Arabian capital Riyadh , the President's first stop on his foreign trip, Donald Trump and Saudi King Salman signed a series of agreements that included a ...

Deputy AG Stands by Comey Memo

When I read that, I assumed Comey was joking to Wittes , maybe taking a shot at Trump's intelligence. I.e. "His speeches about leadership and public service inspired me". Folks, the hits just keep coming from James Comey, who it appears kept a whole bunch of incredibly detailed notes about his relationship with Donald Trump, all of which are slowly coming to light in the aftermath of his firing.

Medicaid expansion, reversed by House, is back on table in Senate

The New York Health Act, which previously passed the Assembly three times but stalled in the Senate, would provide no-cost coverage to every New Yorker with no out-of-pocket costs and no network restrictions. But it's not enough, said two healthcare experts. It's different, they say , when it comes to healthcare. "As a outcome in high risk pools, insurance becomes far too expensive for those who need it", said Cheung, who represent hospitals, medical groups and physicians.

Comey agrees to publicly testify before Senate intelligence committee

Now, Press Secretary Sean Spicer did not deny the trashing of Mr. Comey by the president or the story in general. "The Committee looks forward to receiving testimony from the former Director on his role in the development of the Intelligence Community Assessment on Russian interference in the 2016 United States elections, and I am hopeful that he will clarify for the American people recent events that have been broadly reported in the media", Intelligence Committee Chairman Richard Burr, ...

Why Dems Don't Want Lieberman as FBI Director

The president departs Friday on his inaugural overseas trip, a four-country, five-stop journey tour of the Middle East and Europe that will keep him out of the country for more than a week. John McCain's presidential bid in 2008 over Barack Obama, speaking at the Republican National Convention that year. HORSLEY: The administration put out a statement from Press Secretary Sean Spicer, and it doesn't dispute the substance of The Times' account.