Rouhani says regional stability impossible without Iran

In his speech , Trump steered clear of such invective, but he echoed former President George W. Bush's famous declaration after the September 11, 2001 attacks, "Either you are with us, or you are with the terrorists ". From Israel, Trump was heading to Italy for an audience with Pope Francis. After years of butting heads with Trump's predecessor, Netanyahu celebrated a new American president's arrival as a moment of hope in the stalled peace talks between Israel and Palestinians.

In Riyadh speech, Trump says India has 'suffered repeated barbaric attacks'

In Riyadh speech, Trump says India has 'suffered repeated barbaric attacks'

During the 2016 United States campaign, United States President Donald Trump mused about his belief that "Islam hates us". President Trump on Sunday pivoted away from his strident assessment of Islam as a religion of hatred as he sought to redefine United States leadership in the Mideast and rally the Muslim world to join him in a renewed campaign against extremism.

Macron presents diverse cabinet; shows willingness to reform

Macron presents diverse cabinet; shows willingness to reform

After naming Edouard Philippe Prime Minister, Emmanuel Macron made known the names of the people who will make up the very first government of his quinquennium . The Prime Minister, who heads the government on the direction of the President, must, by law, have the support of a majority in Parliament. Christophe Castaner, Macron's campaign spokesman, was appointed government spokesman.

15% of Scottish voters plan to vote tactically

Theresa May has defended Tory plans to protect winter fuel allowance for all Scottish pensioners while cutting it for many south of the border. In 2015 just one Scottish Conservative MP was elected, but this time the party is targeting several seats north of the border, and could even oust some high-profile SNP figures like deputy leader Angus Robertson.

Trump to meet Palestinian leader Abbas in West Bank

Trump has vowed to do whatever necessary to broker peace between Israel and the Palestinians, dubbing a peace accord "the ultimate deal". The visit raised questions about whether the USA would indicate the site is Israeli territory. I can tell you also that he is reaching for peace. "I look forward to working with these leaders towards a lasting peace". The route took the president past the "Walled Off Hotel", a guesthouse run by the British graffiti artist Banksy that is created to ...

Pacific Rim ministers meet in Hanoi, seek to revive TPP

At an Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation meeting today, the US ruled out returning to the TPP trade deal and added that it only wanted bilateral agreements in Asia . Turmoil over global trade negotiations was laid bare at a meeting of Asia-Pacific Cooperation (Apec) countries, which failed to agree on the usual joint statement after U.S.