Israelis and Palestinians are ready 'to reach for peace'

Trump was considering making that bold announcement during his trip here, but backed off fulfilling that pledge amid a torrent of warnings from USA foreign policy officials and Arab diplomats, who said such a move would hinder peace efforts and set off tensions in the region.

Call for impeachment brings congressman lynching threat

Call for impeachment brings congressman lynching threat

In her statement to support the congressman, Paoli was quick to declare her support for green and also expressed "We stand with you, we stand with your honorable action of holding the president accountable". Speaking in the same Town Hall event, Rep. Al Green made it clear that these threats would not stop him from calling for Trumps impeachment. "I'm frankly exhausted of partisan politics", said one man.

Trump unveils first budget with $3.6-trillion spending cut

The farmer's group: "By shredding our farm safety net, slashing critical agricultural research and conservation initiatives, and hobbling our access to foreign markets, this budget is a blueprint for how to make already hard times in rural America even worse".

US, Japan, S Korea call 'urgent' Security Council meet

US, Japan, S Korea call 'urgent' Security Council meet

Last Friday, North Korea's deputy UN ambassador Kim In Ryong told UN correspondents that the government will rapidly strengthen its nuclear strike capability as long as the United States maintains its "hostile policy" toward the country. He warned that no option is off the table in dealing with the North's weapons program, although Washington has so far opted for sanctions and diplomatic pressure, while looking to China, the North's closest ally, to help rein in Pyongyang.

Manchester explosion: What we know about the victims

Other parents, expecting to pick up their children at meeting points, patiently watched the melee hoping to spot their kids. Sam Arshad, from StreetCars Manchester , asked his drivers to give free rides to anyone stranded after the Ariana Grande concert.

Amnesty Slams Turkey over 'arbitrary' Crackdown on Employees

The Lebanese Daily Star wrote that as the "tense" trial got underway, relatives of the coup victims charged, "martyrs don't die, the motherland can not be divided", a slogan seen as a tribute to those who died during the coup attempt. Turkey has suspended or dismissed more than 150,000 judges, teachers, police and civil servants and has arrested almost 50,000 others suspected of links to a movement backing cleric Fethullah Gulen.