Fans beg Bieber to cancel after United Kingdom blast

CBS News confirmed Tuesday that the man who blew himself up outside the Ariana Grande concert in Manchester, England was 22-year-old Salman Abedi , who was known to British authorities prior to the attack. Manchester Police Constable Ian Hopkins said the blast was for officers - seen decked out in riot gear - to gain access to the home. The threat level may impact two major sporting events scheduled to take place in London this weekend, football's FA Cup final, which Prince William ...

Killed as Bombings Rock Jakarta

An eyewitness, Sultan Muhammad Firdaus , told TV station Kompas TV he heard two explosions about 10 minutes apart. Now there are four people in line for the throne: Akihito's two sons who are in their 50s, his brother who is in his 80s and his 10-year-old grandson, The Telegraph reported .

Two blasts at bus terminal in Indonesian capital, casualties

He said the bomber was killed along with one police officer, and five other policemen were injured. "The police personnel had been providing security", to people in the area, he added. Police said the first blast happened at 8.58pm followed by another one two minutes later. There has been a series of low-level attacks linked to Islamic State since January 2016, when four militants mounted a gun and bomb assault in the heart of Jakarta .

IS claims deadly attack in Somalia's Puntland region

IS claims deadly attack in Somalia's Puntland region

Somalia's president has urged that the United Nations arms embargo on his country be lifted in the months ahead, saying the military needs more than AK-47s to combat al-Shabab extremists and the small but growing presence of Islamic State-linked fighters in the country's north.

If Israelis and Palestinians make peace it may spread across region

The president was greeted in the West Bank by streets lined with USA and Palestinian flags joined on lampposts, as well as signs with the faces of Trump and Abbas, saying, "The City of Peace Welcomes the Man of Peace". On one of the grey concrete walls, the convoy passed a portrait of Leila Khaled, a Palestinian militant who took part in two aircraft hijackings in 1969 and 1970.

Devastated Ariana Grande returns to United States after bombing

Devastated Ariana Grande returns to United States after bombing

May said the threat level was being raised from severe to critical on the recommendation of the intelligence services and she was activating a plan for armed military personnel to assist police . Residents of the Manchester suburb of modest brick semi-detached homes where 22-year-old Salman Abedi lived remembered seeing the tall, thin young man who often wore traditional Islamic dress.