Melania and Ivanka Trump Wore Veils to Meet the Pope

The pope past year said someone who thinks about building walls and not bridges is " not Christian ", a reference to Mr. Trump's pledge to build a wall along the American-Mexican border. Trump then called Francis "disgraceful" for doubting his faith. On their way out, Trump told the Pope that the meeting was "a very great honor". It was not just the comparison between Trump and Obama meeting the Pope that had Twitter's attention.

Iranians voted for moderation, Rouhani says

He said the Islamic Republic is still waiting to understand what the Trump administration wants. Rouhani hailed Iranians' massive turnout in his first presser after re-election, which was held in Tehran May 22, Trend's correspondent reported from the event.

Black caucus: White rep should resign over lynch comment

It took a while, but most Republicans caught up in the uproar over MS state Rep. Karl Oliver's comments about the removal of four Confederate statues in New Orleans have crawfished away from the Republican. A MS lawmaker says he was wrong to call for Louisiana leaders to be lynched for removing Confederate monuments and is asking for forgiveness. He claims that the posts were meant to communicate a death threat to anyone in MS who might take action lawfully to secure the removal of ...

Duterte declares martial law in Phillipines island

Duterte declares martial law in Phillipines island

Under the Philippine constitution, Duterte will have to submit a report to Congress within 48 hours of declaring martial law. Lorenzana said the confrontation opened Tuesday afternoon, when government forces attempted to arrest a senior leader of the Abu Sayyaf Group, an extremist organization with ties to the Islamic State.

West Bank walk out supports hunger-striking Palestinians in Israeli prisons

The Palestinians want a state in the West Bank , Gaza Strip and east Jerusalem , captured by Israel a half century ago. On Monday, as the Trumps arrived at Tel Aviv airport to kick off a two-day trip to Israel, cameras caught FLOTUS swatting her husband's hand away as he tried to hold hers.

Ivanka And Melania Wear Headscarf To Meet Pope

Trump and other world leaders. Trump gave Pope Francis a first-set edition of the books of Martin Luther King , Jr, as well as a bronze statue by a Florida artist called " Rising Above ", apparently meant to signify a peaceful tomorrow.