Venezuela leader: Officials treated like Jews under Nazis

In a state broadcast Tuesday night, President Nicolas Maduro criticized Venezuelan expatriates who have been yelling at Venezuelan officials in other countries, or who use social media to post photos of officials living it up overseas while the country struggles with triple-digit inflation and food shortages.

Donald and Melania Trump vs. Barack and Michelle Obama

He offered no detail and did not specifically mention the two-state solution, long the focus of global efforts and US Middle East diplomacy. Making peace , however, will not be easy. Indeed, Israeli leaders are already anxious that they might lose their edge in the region. Mr Netanyahu must deal with opposition from rightist elements within his coalition who oppose any steps towards a two-state solution to the decades-long conflict.

Tensions deepen between Saudi, Iran, US after Trump visit

Saudi Arabia doesn't recognize Israel and the two states don't have diplomatic relations. The $110 billion US arms deal inked with the Saudis, and Trump's eagerness to lock the Arabs and Israelis in a reciprocal counter terrorism embrace, has set off alarms.

Bomb disposal respond to call at Manchester college: United Kingdom police

Bomb disposal respond to call at Manchester college: United Kingdom police

Video showed a number of police cars and a bomb disposal unit arriving on the scene, which was quickly cordoned off. Intense police activity and a major lockdown near the college area were in place as further details are awaited. Earlier, the Greater Manchester Police condemned the investigation leaks on behalf of the National Counter-Terrorism Policing units in a statement that suggested a severe rupture in trust between Britain and the United States.

Trump's Twitter Profile Features Western Wall Prayer

As the Trump's disembarked Air Force One in Italy Melania wasn't interested in the US President's touch. The location provided was " Jerusalem , Israel ". Rouhani noted the contrast between young Iranians dancing in the streets to mark the re-election of a leader seeking detente with the West, and images of Trump meeting with a galaxy of Arab autocrats, some of whose countries have spawned the Sunni militants hostile to Washington and Tehran alike.