MS lawmaker says Louisiana leaders should be 'lynched'

With Robert E. Lee's statue plucked Friday from its pedestal in Lee Circle, details are emer... Republican Gov. Phil Bryant said , "Rep. Oliver's language is unacceptable and has no place in civil discourse ". One was erected in 1891 to celebrate a deadly insurgency in 1874 - led by the white supremacist Crescent City White League - against an integrated police force and state militia.

Philippine terrorists reportedly threaten to execute hostages

Civilians trapped by fighting in Marawi city are waving white flags from their windows to show they are not combatants. Isnilon got away and fighters loyal to him took over parts of the city, burning building and seizing hostages. "But those who are out-and-out terrorists, and you can not be convinced to stop fighting, so be it. Let us fight". "We are gaining headway", Herrera said in a radio interview here.

Armed police on trains as terror hunt steps up

Investigators believe 22-year-old Manchester-born suicide bomber Salman Abedi , from a family of Libyan origin, acted as part of a terrorist network and their focus had been on intercepting his wider network. The General Election campaign has relaunched after three days - with Jeremy Corbyn bringing the issue of terrorism into the political arena. "There will be additional security checks at some locations and we would ask people to be patient and work with us to ensure everyone can enjoy ...

Russia Hoped to Sway Trump Via Advisers

Russia Hoped to Sway Trump Via Advisers

The FBI and congressional committees are investigating such contacts. If Donald Trump is, as he has insisted since the beginning of all of this, totally innocent of any ties to the Russian meddling, he should be hugely supportive of these investigations created to get to the bottom of it.

Trump's Saudi Summit Was 'a Show Without Any Value' - Rouhani

The May 19 presidential elections showed that the Islamic Republic will further follow the path of liberalization, political and social reforms and democratic freedoms as the incumbent Iranian President, Hassan Rouhani , beat his rivals in this race.